When to Travel

Peak Season is a phrase commonly used in the travel world but what exactly does it mean? Peak Season refers to the season in which an area is most busy, for example, the Jersey Shore’s Peak Season is between Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in September, or in other words Summer.

If you are planning a vacation I highly recommend looking into a vacation that is in an area’s peak season. When I went to Washington D.C., which you can watch my example trip video here, I took the trip during my spring break which was the second week of March. Being that I did this I saved money on both hotel prices and travel fairs, such as gas.

To help prove my point I’ll use Washington D.C. again as an example. Using Hotels.com I looked up a three-night stay from Friday, April 21-Sunday, April 23. Within this search, I choose to specifically look at hotels that are outside of the city area and will offer free breakfast, parking, and wifi. The average price for the first twenty hotels that all fit my search category is $108.30.

Now let us compare this average price to the average price of a trip from Friday, July 21-Sunday, July 23. Keeping all of the amenities the same the average price was $112.55. While this might not seem like a great difference between the two prices, you have to keep in mind that I am currently on a website designed to find the lowest prices. Meaning that as soon as you venture onto a specific hotel chain’s websites the prices are generally higher.

Another thing to keep in mind that hotels, especially beach area ones, have peak days. This is sure to mean that weekend prices will be more expensive than weekday prices. (Source: I live and work in a beach town).

Until next time, Happy Trails!