Places I Ate

The Green Turtle

So let me just say, I went here because it had an Applebee’s vibe, and I have probably been to every Applebees on the east coast of New Jersey (no lie). The food was good and the atmosphere was fun, but there was one thing I did not expect. The drinks were free refills. Not just your normal soda or ice tea, but the designer drinks like Strawberry and Mango Lemonade was free refills. I literally could not wrap my head around the fact that this restaurant had free refills I kept on bringing it up. And at the end the waiter even made me a new drink to take home, I was literally speechless.

Shake Shack

I went to the F Street Shake Shack in D.C. and like always I loved it. I always say how much I love their burgers and this time was no different. As always it was crowded, so if you are planning to go there be prepared to fight for some seating or to walk and eat!