Let’s Talk Distance

When choosing a hotel distance always plays a role. While everyone wants to be closer to their destination if that destination is a city or major tourist attraction the closer you are to it the more expensive your sleeping arrangements will be.

For an example, I used Hotels.com and looked for hotels within the Washington D.C. area and sorted them according to the proximity of the City Center. In a quick overview, you can see that all of the hotels listed are expensive just for one night alone let alone an extended stay.

After looking at these I changed my search a little to allow for hotels that are farther away to be seen. The hotels are shown below and as you can see are a lot cheaper than the ones above without having bad reviews or low customer satisfaction.

On my upcoming trip to Washington D.C., which will be posted under Example Trips once I come back, my hotel cost around $79 a night just because we weren’t that close to the City Center. The only problem with factoring distance is while the hotel might be cheaper, you might have to pay more for gas to travel. To solve this problem many hotels that are near large cities have complimentary shuttle services from the hotel to the nearest transportation station, whether that be a train or bus stop.

Until next time, Happy Trails!