Welcome Everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to The College Road Trip! The blog was made with the broke college student in mind, but any age is welcome to come and learn some awesome travel tips! I am pleased to announce that I will be taking a trip to Washinton D.C. during spring break which is next week. This trip will be the first “Example Trip” that I will be venturing on, this means that I will be creating a video to show the helpful steps I took to save a few dollars. I will post the video in a regular blog post as well as posting it in the “Example Trips” page, which you can find by clicking on “Example Trips” in the main menu bar.

Happy Trails!


4 thoughts on “Welcome Everyone!

  1. I love this idea for a blog, it’s such an interesting idea and I can not wait to see where you go with it! i love the colors you chose for you blog it is very appealing to the guy and I really like the picture that you chose for your header as well its really cool and edited very well. One thing I think that would make a good edition to your blog is possibly adding a section specifically about pricing or possibly a section where you review that places you stayed and visited throughout your trip. All around though amazing idea!


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